The birth
of the Waffle

The house has been open since 1761, but Mr. Meert did not take charge of the shop until 1849. Mr. Meert instilled his creative personality into the shop during the 10 years of his management. Born of Flemish origins, he is credited with inventing the recipe for a flat waffle filled with sugar, butter and vanilla from Madagascar. The waffle is cooked between two irons engraved with the Meert emblem, cut into its shape and filled by hand.

Nowadays, the recipe remains the same, and the recipe that gave la Maison its fame is still made in the same traditional way.

Since 2004, the EphéMeert waffle has appeared beside the traditional vanilla waffle. Throughout the year, you can enjoy these delicious waffles with their refined and surprising flavours which include: praline and puffed rice flavour; pistachio and morello cherry flavour; blackcurrant and violet flavour; chocolate and orange flavour; and raspberry and Séchouan pepper flavour. To add to the intrigue of Meert’s story, the recipe is carefully guarded in a small notebook that has clearly been worn and tattered over the many years since its creation.

The waffle is not ready to reveal its secrets yet …

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